Image by Alicia Quan

let's celebrate easter!

we're having a virtual, city-wide egg hunt!

and we want you to join!

join us!

because of the covid-19 outbreak, we're not able to celebrate easter the way we usually do-- with worship, egg hunts, family gatherings, picnics, dinners, etc. 

but we're still going to do the best we can!

so we're organizing a city-wide, virtual egg hunt that can be done from the comfort and safety of your own vehicles!

that's right! no contact! everything is virtual!

here's how it will work...

the map

everyone will get an egg hunt map, which will direct you to eight different "hunting locations" at various businesses throughout richmond.

the eggs

at each "hunting location" will be a large egg poster on the exterior of the business or the kids can "find" the eggs without ever having to leave the car.

the videos

on each egg poster will be a link to a video that can be accessed from any device.

each of these eight videos will tell part of the easter story.

children will love interacting with these videos and finding the next "clue" to finish the story.

The goodies

the first 100 kids to complete the egg hunt and arrive at the final stop on the map will get an easter treat bag!

limit one per child present.