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Life is better together.


spring 2023 semester begins march 6th

The Truth About Grace

Sister Gail Moody
Mondays @ 7pm
RHOP Campus

Grace is not something we abuse, but it’s something we are thankful for. This small group will be for people who want to go a little deeper than the average person. We will learn the depth of God’s grace in a way you’ve never experienced.

Prayer: The Ultimate Conversation

Amanda Ballard & Tasha Walters
Thursdays @ 6pm
RHOP Campus

In this small group, we will take a deeper look into purposeful prayer and intercession. We discuss how to fight life’s battles and rejoice in victories through communion with the Lord and how to truly come to know God and to communicate with Him. There is circumstance-changing power in prayer, and we will explore finding and using that power to bring a new peace and joy into our lives. How to draw closer to the father by engaging with Him in prayer: the Ultimate Conversation! 

Hearts on Fire

Josh & Brooke Martin
Tuesdays @ 6:30pm
East Richmond

In this small group we will dive into what the Word says about marriage and relationships. We will focus on building relationships and marriages in faith, learning to appreciate your spouse, the purpose of marriage and relationships, handling differences between one another, finances, and much more! This group is great for seasoned married people, newlyweds, engaged couples, and even our married friends whose spouses may not attend church with them.

Gifts of the Spirit

Michael Baker & Matt Laws
Thursdays @ 7pm
North Richmond

As Christians we are called to be people who believe Jesus and do what He did. Through the power of Holy Spirit and his gifts, we can accomplish these things as co-laborers with God. In this group we will dive into the various spiritual gifts, the role they play in spreading and confirming the Gospel, and practical ministry application.

Spiritual Warfare

Brian & Kristy Webb
Mondays @ 6pm
RHOP Campus

Sometimes in life the enemy attacks because he knows what a threat we are to him. In this small group we will learn how to defeat the enemy with the victory we’ve been given through the cross.

A Shepherd's View of Psalm 23

Anthony Lowery & Paul Warford
Thursdays @ 10:30am
South Richmond

We’re going to break down the psalm of David verse by verse, discussing what it truly means and looks like when we declare “The Lord is my Shepherd!” We'll remove this "coffee mug Christianity" aspect of it and find the Joy that David intended!

Back to the Basics

Pastor Dylan Ballard
Sundays @ 10am
RHOP Campus

In this small group, we will go back to the basics of our Christian life and our walk with Christ, relearning the foundational pieces of what a true relationship with God takes while doing a Q&A to answer any questions you may have during your spiritual walk.

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